Massage Chair Shoot

I needed to submit new photos of truMedic's line of massage chairs; the MC-1000, MC-2000, and MC-3000 in a "homely" environment for COSTCO.CA. With limited time I decided to utilize a dividing wall that runs across the whole second floor. I picked up a nice cheap cherrywood flooring for 30¢ sq/ft, a gallon of paint, and a couple of baseboards.
My colleagues spackled and painted while I assembled the flooring and gathered props. I only needed about 150 sq/ft to get the proper coverage so it only took a day to complete. I shot the photos using a Canon 6D and Impact 500WL strobe kit. I photoshopped variations of wall and floor color to diversify the final listings. In the future, we'll build larger sets to accommodate more furniture, props, and lighting. But for now this setup works just fine.