Nothing is impossible to him who will try.

   I'm a video producer, graphic designer, and effects compositor from Long Island, NY. I've been shooting video since graduating high school in 2007.  For almost 10 years I've been contracting video work, graphic design, and effects supervision on all types of projects. My work has been nominated and won numerous awards from Film Festivals including Tribeca, Long Island International Film Expo, Coney Island Film Festival, East End Film Festival, Suffolk County CRAPSHOOT contest, and Strictly Students Film Festival.  

    I've self taught all aspects of content creation and software such as Adobe Suite, Izotope RX Audio Restoration, Boujou and Mocha tracking programs, Sony Vegas and Sony Blu-Ray Architect. My shooting setup has changed dramatically over the past few years because of the rapid developing camera technology. I can now shoot, color, and transcode 5K RAW footage for extra flexibility in post production, but I see this evolving further in the near future as well.

Some of my hobbies include drone technology, 3D printing, playing guitar, astrophotography, and 3D modeling.

So check out my work! I'd like others to see what I do as inspiration to pursue their own passions. I'm always interested in new ideas so contact me to talk about them!


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