My friend John Mingione asked me to shoot a video for his friend Caitlin Contri. Shot on the Blackmagic 4K and 2K Cinema Cameras and Canon C100 MK II. I decided to add some cool particle streams onto 3D tracked footage and animate graffiti streams in background shots



Shot for my good friend John Mingione, we split up this video into a two day shoot. Starting at 4am on a cold November morning, some great friends helped setup the different locations along the North Shore of Long Island for the story sequence. The performance was shot at Manifest Media Studio a month later. John himself, is a personality for New York's 95.5 WPLJ



I shot this video for my friend Ramona Montañez in a single day utilizing an empty house which we furnished just for the shoot. The guitarist's footage was shot on a green screen in the basement the same day and Ramona's was shot a week later at Manifest Media Studio and combined in post.



My friend Bobby Holler recorded a track with multiple takes at a friend’s house. I had enough footage to whip up a quick video of the session that day. Recording and mastering was done by the talented Patrick Scherer.

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Noctum is a lifestyle brand clothing and eye-wear company that's given me the chance to produce a series of inspiring videos. The concept was simple; showcasing individual expressions in a unique way . I story-boarded, shot, and edited all videos based on what I learned from each individual. Noctum CEO Jeremy Greene then hosted a family photo shoot at Impact Images Studios where all family members got to meet one another and try on some killer shades.



I helped founder Jereme Greene develop a virtual display for the NOCTUM booth at the United INK Tattoo Expo. Also brought camera's and documented the day's shenanigans

The LCD table featured animated placeholders for each style

The LCD table featured animated placeholders for each style

Behind the Scenes from DUMBO

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Products to live life better 

I'm currently a full-time Video Producer for truMedic. I write, shoot, edit, and distribute all content for our line of products that include TENS Units and Massage products. truMedic can be found in Costco Stores in the US and Canada, as well as Amazon and Walmart.

CES 2017 Highlights

truMedic debuted at CES 2017 with a whole new line products available at Costco stores in the US and Canada.
Shot using the Blackmagic 4K camera in Cinema DNG RAW and the DJI OSMO with the X3 camera.

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My best friend Michael Burgess was the Best Man for his Mother's wedding at the Cradle of Aviation Museum on Long Island. He was nervous to speak in front of an audience, so I decided to "shoot for the moon" and have Michael give his speech from inside the Lunar Module. Which coincidentally, his grandfather had helped engineer when he worked for Grumman Corporation. From start to finish we had just over a week to put everything together. The final render finished just hours before the event.The video was projected onto a 12' screen and was loved by everyone


"The Date" was the first fully improvised skit I shot when I received my first Blackmagic Cinema Camera. Shot in one hour, in 2.5K RAW. More or less an experiment to see the camera's potential capability.

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Some of my Photoshop work from the past 8 years

Composited Lifestyle photos for CES 2017 in Las Vegas

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