John Mingione and I privately screened a short film this past weekend at CW Post's Gold Coast Cinema with over 200 attendees. It was a night we were looking forward to for 6 months. I made several Bluray's with a custom looping menu video in 5.1 for the audience queue.  I included a behind the scenes video and teaser.

Shot in just 1 day in July of 2016, in 90° heat, by myself, using one camera and friend to boom audio alongside 2 lav mics. Shot in full 4K,  Mockside 2.0 is a parody of The Walking Dead. The screening was a lot of fun and a big success. I wanted the cast to be blown away and I'm sure they were judging reaction in the theater. I've had huge weight lifted off my shoulders as I can now solidify the project for completion and move onto the next step for distribution. We'll be looking into festival submission in the coming months.

What we achieved shooting that day was insanely impressive given our time and resources. The cast was hysterical and the ad-libbed comedy on point. Make-up was of a caliber I rarely see in low budget short films. I can't be proud enough for getting to work with such a talented cast and crew.