St. Patrick's Day & Studio Plans

Last week I quickly shot a video for truMedic's St. Patrick's Day. I feel it was rushed but at the moment there's a lot going on since we moved into a new 30,000 sq ft facility in Kings Park, NY. I did some quick visuals on the exterior of the building including 3D clovers, green grass, and a rainbow. There's more to come as we start shooting new product in the coming weeks.
We've been building a new video studio, complete with (2) 40ft white and green cyclorama's as well as a various interior sets. We'll be renting out space for shoots and hosting streams for clients and ourselves.
Some new toys include 12  LED studio panels for the cycs, multiple sets of 2 and 4ft bank Kino Flo's,  HMI lights, scrims, sliders, C-stands, LED fresnels, and production carts. 

We invite anyone who is interested in utilizing the space for creative work to contact me and come through!